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We feel it is very important not only to treat patients, but give them the education and tools they need to live a healthy, succesful life. In order to accomplish this goal, we offer patient education using booklets, manuals, handouts, and patient management tools all in English and Spanish.


Our patients recieve booklets with each visit that give them the results of the laboratory test and examination. These are very helpful with keeping track of one’s health. Booklets are free with visits and are available for cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, and regular checkups in English and Spanish.


We believe that the manuals are the most resourceful piece of patient education. These manuals are 35-45 pages in length and offer insightful information on chronic diseases such as hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes in both English and Spanish. In the manual, we outline the definition, clasification, causes, detection, complications, and laboratory tests used to monitor the specific disease, as well as what medications are used to treat it.


As well as booklets and manuals, 1-2 page handouts are given to patients for a multitude of medical conditions. We have Spanish and English versions of these handouts.

Patient Management Tools:

We provide out patients with free flowsheets, charts, and tools that enable them to record and better understand their goals in the management of their chronic disease. We also give them the written goals from the ADA, American Heart Association, and J.N.C.